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Lifestance was established in 2015 with the purpose of becoming an Indenting agent for several prominent medical brands. The aim was to bring the latest and cutting edge medical supplies and equipment to India and provide hospitals and medical centers will the tools to help elevate and maintain a high quality of medical and surgical service. We work very closely with both public and private medical service institutions. Lifestance is very self-sufficient with a broad staff and departmental portfolio including our own warehouse and distribution network. Lifestance is a leading medical device marketing and distribution company. Our customer include purchase manager, doctors and end users such as patients etc. Lifestance one of the best medical instruments online shop in India which can provide medical supply from store available nearby you instantly and best service will be provided to you that cannot find in local medical supply store near you. Lifestance Enterprises is one of the leading retailers of Medical Equipment Supplier in Laparoscopy, Urology, Gynaecology, Arthroscopy, ENT Division.


"To become a your most trusted partner for life and providing healthcare solutions in one place".


Every New Enterprise has a main moto but ours is:- "An uninterruptedly focus on high quality products and services.


Our aim is to ensure providing high quality products and reliable services.

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Director’s Profile

Mr Abhijit Autade founder & Director of the Company. He starts Lifestance Enterprises from year 2015. He Graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunication) degree from Mumbai University. He has over Two Decades of Experience in Bio Medical Equipment Sector with a strong track record of driving & executing business turnaround & managing successful acquisition. He is responsible for the overall working of the company & is instrumental in making strategic decision for the company.

Abhijit Autade is the innovator par excellence. He insists that products should meet international standards and be affordable at the same time. His enterprise, innovation and social contributions have gained wide recognition.

Why Choose Us?

Lifestance constantly strives to seek a synergetic product lines which enable us to offer complete solutions through superior services to our healthcare community.

Our aim to ensure providing high quality products and reliable services. supported by proactive marketing and promotion, that far exceeds client expectations.

We provide professional support and maintain close coordination with our partners, Enabling them to have access on competitiveness and to be recognized suppliers in our health care community.

Reputed Global Brands

We have strong, stable, long-term relationships with our parent companies which means we can guarantee reliable product supply direct from our Company warehouses.

Network of Sales and Marketing Professionals

Our triple “E” i.e Experience+ Expertised+ Excellent Sales & Marketing Professionals.

One Stop Shop

Supplying , Laboratory & Hospital Equipment together with Installation After Sales & Service & Installation.

Dedicated Support

24 X 7 Support Given For Every Client.


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